Sault Ste. Marie Airport Taxi & Limo Service

Experience hassle-free travel with Sault Ste. Marie Airport Taxi, your reliable transportation partner. Whether you’re catching a flight or exploring the city, we’ve got your travel needs covered.

Our diverse fleet, including sedans and Luxury vans, ensures a comfortable ride for any occasion. With competitive rates, on-time service, and thoughtful amenities like bottled water and WiFi, we prioritize your satisfaction.

Why Consider Sault Ste. Marie Airport Taxi?

  • Reliability: Trust us for punctual and dependable service.
  • Comfort: Enjoy a smooth ride in our well-maintained vehicles.
  • Affordability: Competitive rates for quality transportation.
  • Extras: Benefit from complimentary bottled water and WiFi.

Make your journey stress-free and choose Sault Ste. Marie Airport Taxi for a reliable and comfortable travel experience.

Our Services

  • Airport Minivan Service: Travel in spacious comfort with our reliable minivan service, ensuring a smooth ride to and from the airport.

  • Pick Up & Drop Off to Airport: We specialize in timely and convenient airport transportation, ensuring you reach your destination with ease.

  • Hourly Limo Services: Enjoy the luxury of our hourly limo services, providing a stylish and comfortable mode of transportation for your special occasions or business needs.

  • Niagara Falls Private Tours: Experience the breathtaking beauty of Niagara Falls with our private tours, tailored to make your visit truly memorable.

  • Private Car Services: For personalized and private transportation, our car services offer a comfortable and exclusive travel experience.

  • Stretch Limo Services: Make a grand entrance or travel in style with our stretch limo services, adding a touch of sophistication to your special events.

Streamlined comfort at your service

Our streamlined service of taxi transportation delivers ultimate comfort and makes their moments the very best. People choose us because we make their every journey memorable. People know that they have to choose us when it comes to getting to the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre.

We care for them and serve them with our Sault Ste. Marie Airport taxi transportation service. People can have us at their service anytime, anywhere. Our taxi transportation service takes care of their needs and makes their journeys special. They can spend quality time with us. 

Enjoy luxury on the go

Luxury is an element that attracts people. Transportation service needs to be comfortable and luxurious at all times. The amazing quality of a service is what attracts people. People choose a service because they know they will receive the most meticulous and luxurious treatment.

People pick the service because it inspires them with its lavishness and luxurious interiors. To have the best experience and an amazing charm, people prefer our Sault Ste. Marie Airport taxi service, knowing that we always have the best solutions for their travel needs. We ensure that people travel with peace of mind and the feeling of being treated as unique.

We, as the sole quality service provider, intend to care for the needs of the people and provide them a treatment that gives them a unique experience of luxury travel. People choose us because of our commitment to unrealistic service and remarkable luxury.

People choose us by considering us as the benchmark of quality. They choose us because of our service standards. People Know that we are the ones who care for them and provide them with ultimate comfort. People choose our Sault Ste. Marie Taxi because of our quality standards and the luxury that goes all the way towards their destination.

Limo Pickup Cab Services

Building trust through consistency

People believe in the services that provide quality and are consistent in providing standards. People trust the services that are known by many and have a quality name in the industry. People choose such services that care for their needs and serve them well.

People, knowing our reputation, choose our Sault Ste. Marie Airport Taxi because we have been consistent and steadfast whenever our customers choose us. We provide them our quality service with the ultimate care and try to earn their trust. We serve them well because we know that our customers trust and choose us for their transportation needs.

People can get to their desired destination with our transportation service while making sure that they are being treated well. They chose our Drop Off to Toronto Airport service because we have quality standards and luxury like no other.

We have always prioritized their comfort and have always been about their peace of mind. We serve them finesse and sophistication. We provide them with magnificence and make their moments thrive.

We care for them and try our best to maintain the trust factor between our customers and our service. Sault Ste. Marie Taxi Service provides every inch of luxury and quality to earn their trust and the name of a reputed service provider in the industry.

Chauffeurs deliver customer-centric service

The services are known because of their way of dealing with customers. People get attracted because of the politeness and courteousness they get to have. People love the services, especially the transportation services, that serve them with quality standards and show them care.

Services that have polite chauffeurs and deal with their customers with care are prioritized. We, at Airport Transportation Toronto, have skilled chauffeurs and we possess the manners that make customers’ day better.

People choose us when they need to get to the destinations that serve them serenity and comfort. People choose Sault Ste. Marie taxi service because they know that we are the best option for them.

We are providing people with the luxury that they have desired, we are offering the comfort to make their travel experience worth living, we are offering affordability, they can choose us through online means, and at the end, our chauffeurs treat them well, know the best routes and care for their needs.

People can get to the Art Gallery of Algoma with us and can enjoy the ultimate politeness and courteousness. People choose our Sault Ste. Marie taxi to get to their destination to have the most entertaining moments of their life, with comfort and well-mannered chauffeurs.

About Sault Ste. Marie

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, is a compelling city rich in history and natural beauty, with a unique cross-border relationship with its American counterpart, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Located on the St. Marys River, the city serves as the hallway to the Great Lakes and has a rich history shaped by Indigenous civilizations, European discovery, and the fur trade. The Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site is a testimony to the city’s importance, giving tourists a glimpse into the engineering marvels that permitted marine transport. The historic canal, a National Historic Site, features lock systems and offers panoramic views of the St. Marys River.

Nature lovers are drawn to the area’s magnificent surroundings, notably the breathtaking Agawa Canyon, which may be explored on the Agawa Canyon Tour Train. The Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre adds an adventure element by documenting the history of bush aviation and forest fire management. Sault Ste. Marie celebrates its cultural roots through sites such as the Ermatinger-Clergue National Historic Site, which preserves 19th-century buildings and gardens. The Art Gallery of Algoma’s diversified collections highlight the region’s artistic flair. With a bustling arts scene, outdoor attractions, and a distinct blend of Canadian and Indigenous history, Sault Ste. Marie provides a diverse experience for both inhabitants and visitors.


We ensure to help our customers with every necessity and needful information. Below are the frequently asked questions to provide you right on time assistance for your queries and issues:

  1. Does your taxi service operate in rural or village areas?
  2. Can I book your taxi if I want to have multiple stops on my route?
  3. Does your service have optimized route maps and do your chauffeurs possess the knowledge of local routes for safe and timely travel?
  4. How do you cater to emergencies and how do you operate in the case of safety concerns?
  5. What measures are taken by you to ensure a safe and smooth transportation service?
  6. Does your taxi transportation service have features and amenities like wifi, phone charger, and many other needs?
  7. Do you allow the customers with their pets in your taxi transportation?
  8. What happens if my flight gets delayed?
  9. Are there any additional charges beyond the asked rates or metered rates?
  10. Are there different pricing options for peak and off-peak hours?
  11. Can I request a specific type of vehicle or taxi for my specific needs?
  12. Does your taxi service accommodate customers with special needs?

If you have any queries, or suggestions, or if anything concerns you, do let us know.